Benefits of Solar Power

Flexibility, strategy and precision define superior sportsmanship. A good huntsman can adapt his strategy to his surroundings, wasting little and making the best use of available resources. Solar technology makes the sun a valued resource in the field. With solar power, users become less dependent on access to the grid and are able to prolong Continue Reading →

Thankful for You

Here at Sweeney, we’re a family owned and operated establishment. Since the 1960s, the Sweeney heads, John and Doris, have been dabbling in feeder timers. They began with a few repairs here and there, which ultimately lead to creating and producing their own deer feeder timers. And what a blessing it has been for our Continue Reading →

Duck Hunting Tips

Duck hunting season, like many others, is underway in Texas. Having covered deer extensively and turkey recently (Happy early Thanksgiving! – hope you caught the best of the best to adorn your table, you can give thanks and boast just a very little), we need to cover ducks for thoroughness’ sake. There are specific regulations Continue Reading →

10 Best Deer Memes

In honor of our favorite season, Sweeney is in the midst of its Annual Pre-Season Sale! We like to celebrate around here with incorporating a little humor into your serious hobby. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best memes around that star or magnanimous forest friends. Don’t worry, we didn’t make these. We Continue Reading →