Choosing the Right Feed for Lake Fish

Choosing the Right Feed for Lake Fish

Let’s take a closer look at the optimal feed for fish feeders for ponds and lakes. The pond or lake on your property is your pride and joy and gives you, your friends and family hours of pleasure year round. This includes the fish. They could be bluegill, catfish, bass, trout or even minnows, but whatever species they are you want them to be as happy and healthy in your lake as possible. This may mean that you feed them yourself.

Why Feed Your Lake Fish?

Some professionals wonder about the efficacy of feeding fish protein pellets. They believe fish in a well-stocked and maintained lake or pond should be able to find their own food and too much fish food can lead to a pollution problem. Even people who own aquariums know that feeding the fish too much just results in waste. However, protein pellets distributed in the right amounts won’t cause the quality of the water to deteriorate and will give the lake fish a boost in size. Good quality fish food pellets usually have ingredients like wheat middlings, Brewer’s yeast, vitamins, dehulled soybean meal, ground corn and fish meal.

Automatic Lake & Pond Fish Feeders

A lake fish feeder is an excellent option whether the fish are being grown to be harvested or to provide bait for bigger fish.

If you have a large lake or not much time, you might want to use an automatic feeder instead of feeding the fish by hand. A basic feeder is made up of an auger, a hopper and an impeller. The protein pellets move from the auger into the hopper. The impeller then distributes the food throughout the water in a way that all the fish will have access to it. You should make sure that you buy the best quality digital feeder to keep your fish population lively. A poor quality pond fish feeder or lake fish feeder can crush the pellets. This lowers their nutrition level and can pollute the water. A quality feeder can also be programmed to distribute food 24 hours a day over different schedules, and can adjust the distance over which it sends the food. Some feeders, such as Sweeney fish feeders, may even come equipped with solar panels to save time changing batteries.

Fish feeders for lakes can be installed on the shore of the lake or in the water itself, depending on how deep the lake or pond is. To further help the water remain of good quality, you can also add an aerator to the water.

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