How to Use Fish Feeders to Catch Big Fish This Summer

Having big fish in your ponds and lakes, even more than you do now, is possible.  The way to do it is with a good supplemental fish feeding program.  Feeding fish not only benefits the ones directly fed, but the entire food chain, thus bolstering your animals from phytoplankton to your top and biggest feeders. Managing your pond or lake could be the best thing you ever do to make sure you are catching big fish this summer and every other season.

Fish Feeders and Pond & Lake Management

Tips for good pond management vary, but here are some truths that most seem to agree on, including the experts.  Choose a feed size that matches the size of your fish, and only feed them what they’ll eat in a 10 to fifteen minute period.  Anything more than that, and you’ll have wasted some valuable fish feed.  Feed your fish on a timetable, so they can learn when and where to eat.  This will ensure that they are eating regularly and therefore growing bigger quicker.

Sweeney Fish Feeders

This is where Sweeney automatic fish feeders come in.  If you are like everybody else, you can’t tend to your pond and/or lake as devotedly as you may prefer, and that’s okay.  Sweeney Feeders offers two directional feeders.  One with a 425 pound capacity, the other a 125 pound capacity.  Our fish feeders come equipped with a specially designed timer to meet your pond or lake’s unique needs.  You can program up to 24 feeds per day, customize the feeding duration, and adjust the motor to control how far the food is dispensed.  The timer as features a built-in battery tester.

Once you set up your feeder, your fish will quickly learn when chow time is and they will show up consistently.  You can monitor the growth of your fish by showing up at meal time to watch them feed.  A healthy supplemental diet administered by a Sweeney feeder leads to great pond management and bigger fish.

Want to make sure you get your biggest catch this summer? Visit Sweeney Feeders for the best selection of automatic fish feeders for your fishing and lake & pond management needs.

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