5 Best Feeds for Your Bird Feeder

Spring is finally here, and birds are chirping. Bird feeders can help welcome these friendly fliers to your backyard for a quick meal before taking back to sunny blue skies. Here’s what you can serve up for your favorite spring birds this season:

Cracked Corn

Bird feeders are meant for birds, mostly, but certain foods can attract other critters. Cracked corn will send sparrows, jays, and blackbirds to your feeder, but a few squirrels or even deer could invite themselves over for a taste. Set up a second feeder with cracked corn away from your main feeder to deter some of your unwanted guests.


According to the Tree Center, “Birds need their vitamins and nutrients too and a colorful dish of fruit is a lot easier to get to than picking from a tree, bush or vine.” Chopped grapes, raisins and berries are great treats for your feathered friends and will have plenty of spring birds like orioles and robins frequenting your home garden.


To our surprise, birds like woodpeckers, jays and cardinals enjoy peanuts just as much as we do. Peanuts are full of the protein and energy birds need to stay active. Feeder and seed retailers can help you gather peanut scraps for your flocks of visitors.

Mixed Seed

The best seed to feed your birds should be purchased at bird specialty stores or do-it-yourself. Cheap mixed seed from your local grocer will more than likely include filler that will not make your backyard a prime destination. Good seed mixes include sunflower seed, cracked corn, peanuts and more.


This is a favorite for a number of birds. Safflower is readily available at most feed stores and can be purchased in bulk.

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