What Makes Sweeney Feeders the Best

Here at Sweeney Feeders we pride ourselves for our top-quality products and services. But what makes Sweeney Feeders the best? Let’s get a closer look at why Sweeney Feeders provides the most reliable and durable deer & wildlife feeders.

Our Feeders are Built Tough

There’s nothing more discouraging to a hunter or farmer than a broken feeder. All that anticipation for hunting season or all the time spent in setting up a feeder for your animals, just to find out that the motor is broken or that severe weather has gotten the best of your feeder. Sweeney Feeders are made of stainless steel and can withstand any type of harsh weather. In addition, our Sweeney Feeders receive little to no sun damage, providing longevity and quality feed for your animals. To ensure we’re offering the best feeders, we also give our customers a 3 year warranty on all of our deer & wildlife feeders.

Accurate Digital Timers

At Sweeney Feeders we know the secret to a good feeder is a precise timer! Sweeney Feeders has been developing digital timers for feeders since the late 60’s. We’ve perfected our timers to the convenience of our customers. Our digital timers are easily-programmed and come equipped with a built-in battery tester, so you won’t have to guess about when you’re feeds are scheduled or when you have to replace the battery. It’s all there for you! You can set unique duration times and speeds for each feeding. Also, our deer & fish feeder digital timers feature a non-volatile memory, which means if your battery dies or when replacing batteries, you won’t lose any of your settings! Our digital timers will optimize your feedings, saving you time, effort and most importantly money.

Friendly & Responsive Customer Service

Sweeney Feeders is a 40 year-old family business built around offering the best products and services to our customers. We make sure that our customers are heard and serviced in a fast and polite manner. We intend to fulfill our customers’ needs and provide the best shopping experience possible. We also send out a monthly newsletter to our loyal customers to let them know what’s going on at Sweeney Feeders and inform them of any exclusive discounts and sales.

Visit Sweeney Feeders for the best selection of automatic animal feeders including: deer & wildlife feeders, lake & pond fish feeders, garden fish feeders, bird feeders, digital timers and accessories.

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  1. I purchased a sweeney deer feeder at an auction without looking at it. It has a timer and battery but no spinner or motor. Not sure how sweeney feeders operate. I’ve looked all over the internet for pictures or anything but can’t find it. Can you send a pic of a fully operational motor etc.

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