Finding the Perfect Timer

If you’ve already made the leap to invest in a fish feeder, you know how much work it can be to keep the fish eating around your feed. Purchasing a timer can make this experience easier and more enjoyable. To make the process as easy as possible, the perfect timer should have a simple design and easy to program controls. Here are some important features you should make sure your timer comes equipped with.

Important Features of Timers


Timers that allow you to choose how many times you would like the food to dispense is the first thing to look for. You should have the ability to select how many times per day you would like to feed your fish. Having this ability to change  this amount for certain occasions is an attraction for many. There are different timers that range in how many times per day you can feed, some up to 24 times!


Being able to customize the duration time for each of these feedings is also important. With the right feeders, you should be able to set how many seconds you would like the feeder to be on, each time it goes off. With this ability, you can modify how long you feed your fish which is dependent on how many fish you are trying to feed.

Motor Speed

Being able to control the motor speed is important, especially if the amount of fish you’re trying to feed varies. Controlling the motor speed means you can increase or reduce the distance of feed throw. If you are trying to feed a larger area, having the ability to increase the throw distance means reaching those fish who are further out.

Battery Tester

Having a battery tester built into the timer will easily give you battery life information. This keeps the guess work out of your battery life levels. A battery level indicator is a simple, but useful feature to have in a timer.  

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