3 Ways to Keep Your Feeder Varmint & Raccoon Free

If you’ve ever experienced some dead of night (or middle of the day) feed theft, you’ll know what a frustrating experience it is.  In a matter of minutes or a few hours, pounds of feed and many dollars down the drain. If you have problems with varmints, critters, and raccoons taking you for all your worth, stick around to see what deer feeder accessories we offer to help keep your feeders free of those pesky thieves. If you don’t want to buy the accessories one by one, why not go for a varmint proof deer feeder instead?

Best Ways to Keep Varmint Away from Your Feeder

1. Try a Varmint Guard

This bad boy is a 16 x 17 x 4 inch guard to keep your not-so-friendly friends at arm’s length.  Even if they are able to scale your feeder legs, enclosing the plate with the varmint guard won’t allow him to steal what’s for your deer or birds.

2. Hang Your Feeder High

Many times, your critters are climbing to get to the food.  They have cased out the area and your scatter feeder, and know the when, where, what, why and how of getting that feed.  Oh, they are also acrobat genius varmints, so by hanging your feeder a decent distance away from other climbable surfaces, you are helping to prevent them from getting to the plate.

3. Use a Metal Guard

Some rodents, like rats, are so gnarly they can and do chew through plastic guards.  Rodent teeth are no match for our solidly built metal guards, however.  Metal guards also stand up better against the elements long term and need far less replacing saving your money on the short and long term.

Our squirrel proof deer feeder features all of the accessories listed above! Don’t give up hope on protecting your feed! Try these strategies before your resort to more desperate measures.  These are simpler and require less energy and effort to maintain.

Know any more tricks to keeping varmint away from your feeder? Leave a comment and share!

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  1. These solutions have their limits. Try the best passive raccoon deterrent on the market “Coon-A-Hoops” . It is composed of (2) 10″ free spinning metal disks on each leg of the feeder. When the raccoon climbs the leg he cannot pass over the disks since they will spin and he cannot grab the opposite side of the leg to bypass the disks as they are snug against the leg while remaining free to spin. No spikes, no cages, no umbrella hats on each leg. Just (3) sets of metal disks.

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