Duck Hunting Tips

Duck hunting season, like many others, is underway in Texas. Having covered deer extensively and turkey recently (Happy early Thanksgiving! – hope you caught the best of the best to adorn your table, you can give thanks and boast just a very little), we need to cover ducks for thoroughness’ sake. There are specific regulations and minutiae that all hunters need to take into account while prepping for a hunt, and duck hunting as some particular particulars that the uninitiated may not be privy to (besides this read, make sure to visit the Texas website for complete and detailed information here).

1. Follow the rules
You can only get at them ducks a half hour before sunrise until sunset. Obey the bag limit. Shot guns that can only load three shells at a time allowed. Don’t mess with the Texas (laws and regulations), and it won’t mess with you.

2. Pick the right bird
Don’t shoot wildly at the flight and just hope you hit one. Pick one (preferably the last that other hunters aren’t focused on) aim and be deliberate.

3. Practice and investment
This is going to be the most obvious on the list, but you can’t expect to go out and be the best shot around, filling your daily limit if you never practice in the off-season, especially if you are just starting out. Go to the range, practice your shot. Still not where you want to be? It might be time to consider bring in the big guns – instructors

4. Fake it til you make it
Not very close enough to a lake as you want to be? Make your own with plastic sheets.

5. Decoy, decoy, decoy
Life like, sleepers, floaters, we welcome (and need) them all. Adding some movement to your decoys, whether it be with a string jerk or a more complicated set-up, a little bit of motion gives the illusion of reality. Giving a little kick to the water and making the silt stir will also make the overheard fliers less suspicious of your watering hole as it makes it look like your decoys have been moving around and feeding.

These are just a few things to think about and rethink about as you get into the full swing of things this duck hunting season. Happy hunting!

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