Winter Deer Feedings

Humans have adored deer for many reasons long before the animated film Bambi was created by Walt Disney. They are attractive, seemingly harmless and can be very tasty when hunted and harvested for venison. No matter the time of year, many people enjoy the sight of one or more deer tramping through the woods or back yards, and hunters especially enjoy the sight of a large, well-antlered buck squarely in the cross-hairs.

But when winter takes firm hold of the land and traditional deer habitats are pressed for forage, if the deer herd is too large, many could starve and suffer very miserable deaths. That’s when many people take it upon themselves to support their local deer populations by supplementing their food sources by using a deer feeding station.

Advantages of Winter Feedings

A deer feeding station can be a great way to help support local wildlife while also gaining the opportunity to view wild deer on a daily basis. The sturdy metal scatter-feeders are held aloft several feet up in the air by metal supports and scatter the feed on a timed basis. A clock timer owners can set will determine when and for how long feed is spread on the ground below for deer to feed upon. The timer prevents wasting food and money while ensuring only enough feed is distributed each day to help the local deer population sustain itself.

With automatic deer feeders  like those manufactured by Sweeney Feeders, local deer populations stand a better chance of surviving the harsh conditions winter can throw at them. And that can mean better deer hunting opportunities during the following deer season as well as more deer for local residents to view and enjoy. Those who like to take photos of deer will know where to find them, and they can feel better about helping the wild animals.

Potential Drawbacks

But the act of feeding deer does have detractors. Farmers in particular disdain the damage deer inflict on their crops each year and can obtain special permits to shoot deer found on their farmland. And about 1.5 million vehicles suffer accidents with deer, including some with deadly results for vehicle occupants as well as injuries. There are also some legal restrictions in certain states against feeding deer during specific seasons or at all. Be sure to check your state laws before feeding the local deer in your neighborhood.

Looking for the best in deer feeding equipment? Contact Sweeney Feeders for durable, dependable, and affordable wildlife feeders. Sweeney Feeders manufactures one of the best portable deer feeding stations with different types that can hold between 100 and 300 pounds of feed.

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