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Scatter Feeder Leg Package

The Scatter Feeder 4 or 8 Feet Leg Packages get you started with the basic deer feeder configuration! 

Scatter Feeder Complete Package

Scatter feeder plus all the extras that make it the best varmint proof deer feeder on the market!

Scatter Feeder – 300 lb. Capacity

Made with high-quality, durable stainless steel, each large deer feeder comes equipped…

Scatter Feeder – 100 lb. Capacity

Made with high-quality, durable stainless steel, each scatter feeder comes equipped…

About Us

We are determined to build quality products that meet our customers’ needs. Because of this, you can depend on your Sweeney Feeders to Feed On-Time, Every Time, for a Long Time!
Sweeney Feeders are built to be strong, long-lasting and can endure the harsh conditions of the outdoors.
All of our feeders come equipped with our renowned automatic timers for dependable service and optimal feedings for your wildlife.
Driven to meet the needs of our customers, we at Sweeney Feeders believe in providing friendly, honest and trustworthy customer support.


We carry a full line of Directional Pond and Lake Fish Feeders, Deer Feeders, Koi Feeders and Automatic Bird Feeders.

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What People Say About Us

Edward Hanson

Tomball, TX

Attached is a photo of my grandson, Kyle Hanson, and the stringer of perch he caught off my neighbor's dock. The Sweeney feeder has been in operation for close to two months now. This was his first major fishing effort and I believe he is now firmly hooked. The picture was taken on Memorial Day, 2003 at Katy Lake just North of Saint Jo, Texas.

Dan Nolte

N&N Ranch Lockhart, Texas

I have three feeders from you and have been using them for the last 25 years, the person that informed me about them was Bob Lilly. They are the best investment I have ever made. Before getting my feeder from you I would buy a feeder every couple of years and the timer would break and had to be replaced. Thanks for making a great product.

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