How to Keep Warm While Hunting During Cold Weather

As we near the end of the fall hunting season and prepare for winter, it’s important to take into account proper outwear (and inner) wear to help battle the cold. Both safety and comfort are paramount concerns when thinking about how to gear up before you head out. For those of you up north hunters, dressing for the cold may come as second nature, but for our southern friends, dealing with the cold is as foreign as it gets, but we don’t let it get in the way of a good hunt. We’ll dice up the body and tip accordingly.


Different strokes for different folks here. Wool caps, stocking caps, beanies, hats with ear flaps, you name it, and people use it. Find something that suits your needs, and is comfortable to you.


Turtle necks are good for keeping the back of your neck covered and warm.
Layer. Your base layer should have the ability to wick moisture off your skin.


My feet are cold? I need thick socks. My feet are really cold. Maybe I need two pairs of socks? No and no. A common mistake is to wear really thick cotton socks to layer on warmth. What you accomplish however is potentially decreasing circulation and sweaty feet. Both of these are bad if the goal you are trying to accomplish is warming your feet. Decreased circulation leads to colder extremities, and so do sweaty feet. Your damp feet could lead to harm if you are exposed for long periods of time, as is the case with hunting.

After you shower and start getting ready to dress, make sure you dry your feet thoroughly and consider applying some sort of absorbent foot powder that will keep your feet drier for longer.
Get the right socks. Socks that are moisture wicking, and not too tight as to cut off circulation. Wool does a better job than cotton, but some synthetic materials like polypropylene work well too.

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Choose the right boots. You want them to be heavy duty, insulated suckers, but you want them to be the right size and breathable. After you get to where you need to be (on stand or wherever), consider loosening your boots for increased circulation. Also, WATERPROOF!


Hiding hand warmers on various parts of your body will help warm you up. Hand warmers in your pockets, over your kidneys…
Double pack gloves.

For cold weather hunting newbies, these tips can lead you in the right direction. Do not underestimate how much preparation will go into getting ready for a late fall/winter hunt. Stay safe, stay warm, and happy hunting!

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