Backyard Koi Pond Designs

Koi ponds are a relaxing, peaceful little oasis of tranquility. They provide hours of entrancing viewing pleasure for homeowners and guests alike. If you have refrained from building a pond in your yard because you are unhappy with the ones you have seen or do not think you have enough space, think again. The most exciting trait of a Koi pond is their versatility. A Koi pond can be built in nearly any shape and as large or small as you would like. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Small Spaces 

A small yard does not mean you can only install a tiny, generic pond. Instead, use your Koi pond as a border. Trim out a flower garden or a patio or line a walkway. A narrow, rectangular pond can make a beautiful border. Build it as a raised border or leave it level with the adjoining surface. Line the pond with the same or similar stones or tiles used in the patio or walkway. This will keep a unified appearance.

Double Duty

Build a large platform bridge across the center of your pond. Make the center into a comfortable sitting area. This combines a patio space and pond as one. Have lighting installed in the pond to provide a backlight so it can be enjoyed even when entertaining at night.

Let Mother Nature Help

Take advantage of any natural space on your property. Build your pond to rise and fall along with the yard. This natural look can provide the opportunity to create a multi-level design connected by a small waterfall. Use rocks found around the property to line the pond. Work with nature to make it seem as if the pond has always been there rather than created by someone.

The Pond

If rustic is your preference create an actual pond. Something tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Encircle your pond with bushes and shrubs to hide any artificial looking liners or concrete. Place a “fishing” dock or platform at one end for appearance and viewing. Keep the surroundings full of greenery and flowers to make it feel like a hidden paradise.

The River

Create this in the same method as the pond style, just have it twisted through your yard. Make it look as natural as possible. The more realistic the appearance, the better.

By thinking creatively and knowing there is no right or wrong when it comes to the appearance of a Koi pond, you will be amazed at how incredible and personal your pond can be. Once your pond is established and populated, remember to regularly feed your fish. Products such as the automatic Koi fish feeders available from Sweeney Feeders are an excellent choice. These convenient feeders will help to ensure your Koi are fed consistently regardless of your schedule.

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