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Automatic animal feeders are a great solution to caring for wildlife, while saving time, money and effort in the process. But let’s take that a step further and add a solar-charged battery on that feeder to eliminate another chunk time and effort when caring for animals. Solar chargers are not only the more environmentally conscious option, but they are also the most convenient way to fuel up the batteries on your feeders. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of purchasing a solar-charged battery for your automatic animal feeders.

Benefits of Solar-Charged Feeders

Saves Time

It’s always easier to leave ‘til later! And with solar-charged batteries, you can leave it until later. Not only do the batteries charge with sunlight, but solar-charged batteries also save you time in charging and exchanging batteries in your feeders in between feeding times. Coupled with an automatic feeder, adding a solar-charged battery ensures your animals are fed on time and your feeders are working at optimum capacity.

Saves Effort

In addition to saving effort in charging and exchanging batteries, solar-charged batteries makes the most out of your machine without your help at all! Because you are not consistently exchanging batteries, all of your settings will remain in the timer’s memory. The solar-charger also prolongs the life of the battery, so you get the most out of your feeder and your animals are well-kept.

Saves You Money

Solar-charged batteries save money in buying new batteries. Plus, having  accurate times on your feedings, save money in lost feed and unhealthy animals. And keeping hold of your money is always a good thing.


Solar-powered batteries are also better for the environment, as battery life is maximized and there are less batteries produced.

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