7 Tips to a Great Deer Hunting Season

We know you like to plan ahead to be ready for the big hunting season – DEER SEASON, so you are already thinking about this year’s deer season and how to make it the best one ever.  Just in case you aren’t quite there yet, we’ve compiled a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

Tips to Successful Deer Hunting

1. Know Your Land

Do you have every inch of your property or hunting grounds memorized?  Do you know where your deer like to hang out?  Where are all the best locations for buck cover? Have you checked on your plots recently? More likely than not, you didn’t answer yes to all of these questions.  Take a field trip out to your land, and reacquaint yourself like you would with an old friend.

2. Create Clearings

Once you’ve mapped out your hunting grounds, create paths to what looks like natural clearings; it’s likely that deer will naturally follow these trails to spacious clearings. If there are limited clearings or spaces where deer will find food, create small clearings of your own to help attract deer during hunting season.

3. Set Up Deer Feeders

Now that you’ve you’ve got the lay of the land and you’ve created some clearings, find good locations to set up your deer feeders. Deer feeders are great for strategizing your hunting season, especially durable, automatic deer feeders, which will take most of the effort away from you. Consider the natural paths to the clearings and your field of vision from your hunting blind. Make sure you calculate the right distance and number of feedings set up your deer feeders in order to maximize your hunting game.

4. Hang Game Cameras

In addition to your physical survey of the land, strategically placed and enough game cameras early in the pre-season will shed light onto your games movement patterns.  You’ll get to see new things as well as familiar faces you might not have got the first time around.  You’ll be able to spy any predators on your land as well.

5. Control Your Scent

Keep in mind that your scent can alert your game to your presence.  Stock up on unscented shampoos and soaps and use them before every hunt.  Use scent eliminating breath spray.  Don’t change in your vehicle, change in your hunting area.  Use field spray on all your gear. Don’t wear boots that will absorb scents, best bet would be rubber.

6. Take Advantage of Bad Weather

While other hunters are snoozing to the pitter patter of soft rain, you’ll be out there snagging that prize buck. Just because the weather isn’t ideal doesn’t mean your deer are napping the day away.  Move when they move.

7. Practice Your Shot

Get your bow, your rifle, whatever your weapon of choice, out from storage.  Clean it, refocus, recalibrate, adjust pins, set your sight, check for moisture collection, do it up, and do it right.  Is it time for a new weapon?  Decide well in advance of the arrival of hunting season.  Take your weapon out to the range and target practice!  You can’t expect to be a sharp shot with months of disuse.  Take advantage of all this time before hunting season is upon us.

Happy hunting hunters, but make sure you have the advantage to make this the best season ever.

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  1. You bring me a lot of useful tips that benefits to a beginner. I bought a full package for hunting and started going for it. Your guides and tips would be a great instruction for me. Thanks for sharing!

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