What To Look For in a Bird Feeder

If you want to have an inviting bird feeder that attracts plenty of beautiful birds, you have to consider the options that go into the perfect feeder. Not all feeders are good for different types of birds, and some feeders require more upkeep than others. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect bird feeder and what you should look for to attract beautiful birds that will make your yard a harmonious place for birds to visit.

Important Features of Bird Feeders


The design of your bird feeder is something to strongly consider during the process of finding the perfect unit. When looking at the design, consider how easy it is for the birds to access the food that is inside. Furthermore, also look at the amount of platforms that are on the feeder, so that you can accommodate for the amount of visitors you expect to have. The design of the feeder should also be durable. Consider the material that the feeder is made of and how long you think it’ll last. Also consider the type of temperature you live in and other conditions that may effect the life of the bird feeder.

Water Placement

Another feature to consider for your bird feeder is whether or not it has a place for water. Not all bird units come with water, although it is sometimes an additional option that is appreciated on many feeders. Water is just as important to birds as food, and therefore the addition of water will make your unit more desirable for your flying friends.

Seed Location

Seed location is another important factor for how many birds you can plan to expect to get. If you have larger seeds, then you can expect to need a larger mouth for the seeds to be accessed by the birds. On the other hand, you don’t want to have too big of an entrance if you have smaller seeds, as it’ll allow other, usually unwanted, critters access to your feeder.

Automatic Bird Feeders

Another option for your feeder is to have it as an automatic  bird feeder. These feeders will release certain amounts of seeds at a time, which can be convenient for birds that are stopping by, but also to help you with how much you have to refill your feeder. You can find out more about automatic feeders from a company like Sweeney Feeders. Companies like Sweeney work with feeders of all kinds and can give great information pertaining to any type of feeder you are interested in.


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