How Farmers & Ranchers Benefit from Sweeney Feeders

Sweeney Feeders began its legacy in the late ’60s.  With over 40 years of experience, Sweeney is one of the best and most trusted brand of automatic animal feeders.  Sweeney Feeders strives to deliver quality, durable feeders to farmers and ranchers to provide the most efficient and effective care to your livestock and wildlife. Here’s a list of how farmers and ranchers can benefit from our feeder for their animals.

Sweeney Feeders for Farmers & Ranchers

Best Selection of Durable Feeders

We offer a variety of products that work together to get your feed arrangement set up flawlessly and simply.  We boast a range of different automatic feeders with various capacities to suit your wildlife.  Our feeders come in various sizes and are customizable to meet your farm or ranches specific needs. Sweeney products are of the highest quality, and are guaranteed to last.  Our durable equipment is made with top-grade galvalume and brass.  Motors for some products go into the hopper to keep them protected from the elements and running longer, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading or switching out products.  We do our job, so you can do yours without all the hassle.

Our Timers will Keep Going

Sweeney also offers its time tried and true brand of timers.  Sweeney is known for their timers. John Sweeney first created a custom time back in the late ’60s and we’ve perfected our timers to be the best in the industry. The secret to a good feeder is an accurate digital timer and we’re the pros when it comes to timers! Feedings can be scheduled as often at 24 times a day with our timers, with a unique feed duration and motor speed for each feeding.

Great Customer Service & Product Warranties

We are here to serve you.  Our customers are our top priority along with delivering a quality product.  Our family owned business understands what it takes to keep customers happy – we’ve been doing it for over 45 years – and we value each and every one of them.  We take our values and our customers seriously, so if ever you need to contact us, we’ll be on the line. Sweeney stands by all their products and offers returns for up to 30 days if needed, a promise to our customers. Plus, if anything happens to your premium feeder within the first three years, we’ll take care of you. Sweeney Feeders offers an exclusive 3 year warranty on all feeders. We want our customers to be happy, and making sure our products give you the best experience possible is our top priority. If your Sweeney Feeders product stops working before 3 years, it is covered regardless of the cause. Guaranteed.

Think you’ve found the best feeder for your farm? Visit Sweeney Feeders for the best selection of reliable automatic wildlife feeders on the market.

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