Why Feed Your Fish?:A Beginner’s Guide to Fish Feeders

If you’ve been doing some independent research about the benefits of feeding your pond fish, you may have come to find that it’s quite a fishy subject, and even experts are torn on the issue!  The primary issue is whether pond fish should be fed unnaturally.  But if you are interested in supplementing the natural food supply and expedite the growth of your pond fish, the overwhelming answer is to feed your fish. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when feeding your fish.

Benefits of Fish Feeding

Different Kinds of Fish Feed

Whether you have pet  koi fish or game fish, you can benefit from an automatic fish feeder.  They are simple to use and are the best tool to feed your fish reliably with little to no work from you.  While your bigger fish may not be interested in pellets, they are certainly interested in eating other nutritious food which a homemade or low quality feeder can’t handle.  For this reason, getting a premium automatic  fish feeder will help bolster your pond food chain, and yield a generous growth in your fish in the process.

Convenient Feeds & Scheduling

You can set your automatic  fish feeder for any and as many times during the day as your fish require.  They are simple machines, only requiring you to stock them and set the timer.  You can easily check the battery life, and have them match your deck or surrounding where they are mounted if you take the necessary precautions to keeping a stable and high quality aquatic habitat.

Fun Pastimes

While you’re feeding your fish and monitoring their growth, you can then manage your fishing season with it. With a good idea of the stock in your lake or pond, you can gather around your family and friends and spend some quality time fishing. Maybe you or your children are not the fishing type, you can still  get excited by watching the fish feed. It can be an exciting pastime for both you and your family.  In addition to being great entertainment, you have a front row seat to the growth and development of your fish.  Being able to monitor your fish health will allow you to make necessary changes in feed, routine, and times fed. Since your feeder will be set up in a certain location, your fish will come to expect feeding to occur in the same location at the same time every day, and they will make the appropriate accommodations to be there on time.

So whether you are feeding your pet koi, or maintaing your lake fish, visit Sweeney Feeders for the best collection of automatic lake & pond fish feeder on the market.

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