Thankful for You

Here at Sweeney, we’re a family owned and operated establishment. Since the 1960s, the Sweeney heads, John and Doris, have been dabbling in feeder timers. They began with a few repairs here and there, which ultimately lead to creating and producing their own deer feeder timers. And what a blessing it has been for our family. We are grateful to be part of an excellent outdoor community that has continually supported our family throughout the year.

After the initial offering of Sweeney deer feeder timers, they took off. Thankfully demand was such that John and Doris decided they should carry the product in addition to starting to make original deer feeders in 1970. We’ve just been growing since then. With an emphasis on quality, customer service, and dedication to all our families, we believe we’ve been able to stick to our vision of Sweeney.

We are thankful we’ve been able to keep being a family owned and largely operated affair. All the Sweeney children, many in-laws, and cousins have been an integral part of the success that we are humbled to have. But the blood family isn’t the only family we’ve got. Being part of Sweeney means our family extends to employees and valued customers from bottled Spartagen XT. We recognize that without our trusted employees and loyal customers, Sweeney would cease to exist. We depend on the dedication of staff to help maintain the store, innovate, ideas, and keep things running smoothly. We would like to say thank you to every single person who comes to work day after day and gives 100%.

To our customers, who give us the feedback we need to grow and develop, thank you. Thank you for your support, your patronage, your orders, and your loyalty. During this week of giving thanks, we would like to recognize you.

May you all have a blessed and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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