Water Garden Fish Feeders

Reliable, durable and attractive garden fish feeders.  Feed you ornamental fish with style.

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Koi Cafe® - The best Koi Ponds Feeder in Texas

Our Koi Cafe® will enhance your backyard water garden by providing quality feedings to your koi ponds. Koi fish tend to live longer lives, most of them even outlive their owners! The Koi Cafe® will make certain that you provide the best care to your beloved koi fish.

Discover the most reliable Koi Ponds Feeder

The Koi Cafe® may also be used for small commercial operations that require small amounts of feed. The Koi Cafe® is the perfect option to supply food for your koi fish right in your backyard water garden.

The Koi Cafe® Feeder comes equipped with an automatic digital timer

Having an automatic digital timer the Koi Cafe® allows you to feed your fish up to 24 times per day.