8 of World’s Most Exotic Birds

When you finally decide to purchase a bird feeder, you can attract some of the prettiest creatures you may never have seen otherwise. Relaxing on the porch watching all sorts of birds flock to your yard can be a recipe for a perfect afternoon. While some of us may be luckier than others in the birds we attract, some parts of the world are home to the most beautiful birds.

Eight Most Exotic Birds

1. The Rainbow Lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a species of Australian parrot found in Australia, eastern Indonesia, and a few surrounding islands. This multi-colored bird lives in rainforest, coastal bush, and woodland areas.

2. The Golden Pheasant

Native to forests in mountainous areas of western China, the Golden or Chinese Pheasant, has also been bred in other countries such as the United Kingdom.

3. The Queztal

The Queztal is a vibrantly colored bird that lives predominantly in the mountainous, tropical forests of Central America. Known to some as the most beautiful in the world, the species is being threatened in some parts of the world such as Guatemala.

4. The Hoopoe 

Known for its “crown” of feathers, the Hoopoe is found throughout Afro-Eurasia. They inhabit a wide range of habitats and if you’re one of the few you may be able to spot one in Alaska.

5. Bali Bird of Paradise

Almost impossible to spot, the Bali Bird of Paradise, mostly lives in inaccessible, dense rainforest habitats. Most inhabit the island of New Guinea and its satellites.

6. The Atlantic Puffin 

The Atlantic Puffin is the only one of its species that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean. They walk upright on land and swim on the surface of the sea, eating mainly small fish. Fun fact: it’s the provincial bird for the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

7. The Lear’s Macaw

The Lear’s Macaw is a large, Brazilian parrot that can only be found in select parts of Brazil. The bird is listed as an endangered species and there are currently multiple conservation projects taking place.

8. The Kingfisher

With around 90 different species, most Kingfishers are brightly colored. They reside in various habitats including rives, lakes, forests, and forested streams.

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