How To Attract Birds To Your Feeder

So, you bought your first bird feeder and now what? Sometimes it take a little urging to first attract birds to your yard or to draw in different types of birds to your feeder. It is a remarkable sight to finally see beautiful birds in your yard. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to attract birds to your bird feeder.

Tips On How To Attract Birds To Your Feeder

Increase the Number of Feeders

To get a good amount of birds to your feeders, you might consider adding another feeder or multiple feeders. Having more feeders and more bird feed in your yard, will surely increase the number of birds that visit your yard. Make sure you are prepared to handle the influx of birds and have extra feed to consistently care for your new birds.

Provide Water

The sound of running water can attract migrating birds to your yard. Having a running water source, such as a pond, fountain or bird bath will draw more birds to you yard, as they can hear streaming water at some distance and will come down for a drink. This will lead some to find the food source from your premium bird feeders.

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Feeder

When first hanging your feeder, you must remember that birds enjoy covered spaces and shelter, so hanging your bird feeder in plain view in your yard, may not be a desirable place for a bird. Birds like places that keep them away and protected from predators.  Try hanging your bird feeder at eye-level or above and ensure that squirrels and cats are not able to reach them. Birds will likely fly away from your feeder if they are constantly threatened by predators. Also avoid hanging your bird feeders next to noisy or hectic.

Have Plants Birds Like In Your Garden

If you’re looking to attract a specific species of bird, you might want to research which plants are native to those birds and consider planting them in your yard. You can look up your local area’s natural vegetation and plant those in your garden to attract the local species of birds in your area. The added vegetation will not only attract local birds, but butterflies as well. The local climate will suit your area’s natural vegetation, which will require less effort to tend and less work for you.

Provide Brush and Nesting Materials

As you move into the Fall and Winter seasons, your bird population is looking to find shelter. To care for your birds and attract them to your feeders during this time, you may want to provide brush and nesting materials for your birds, as they will likely build nest on or near your property.

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