Top 5 Fish to Catch this Summer

Summer time, and the living’s easy…if you are not a fish. It’s hot out there this summer, and the fish are feeling it! When summer rolls around, fish need to adjust to new water temperatures, and they do this by adjusting, the same way people do. We crank on the A/C, head indoors, get sluggish, the whole deal, fish aren’t quite that different. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to keep catching your favorite fish meals.

Top 5 Fish to Catch this Summer


Carp become more active in the summer months, and roam around covering more area, so they feed quite a bit to keep up that energy. If using boilies to catch carp, there are some notable differences in type from winter to summer. Summer boilies don’t have to be as colorful as to catch the carps attention. Summer boilies should be meatier, more protein based. These suit the carps more active lifestyle.


The hunt for these bad boys starts in the early morning, or in the late evening if you prefer. Make sure you search around tree stumps, large rocks, or anything that offers shade, or some relief from the heat. Catfish go for cooler, more oxygenated water to feed. If you have the option, rivers might be the best bet for easier catfish catching. Don’t forget to use bait that your catfish are used to eating. Ask around if you don’t know!


Get a topographical map of your lake. This is especially important in the summer because, as like the rest of the fish, bass go deep for the summer. A topographical map will allow you to know where the deep structures are and where your bass are potentially feeding. You may have to search around different structures, and all over a structure, as bass tend to congregate in a small area of a structure. If your lake has grass, fish it shallow and to its depths! They make be lurking there. And remember, don’t be discouraged!


These guys are particular; they want it between 50-68 degrees Fahrenheit, and if it’s not, they go in search of cooler waters. Keep a thermometer with you while fishing for trout. 70 degrees and above, you need to also go in search of cooler waters, because your trout won’t be there. If you are lake fishing, consider renting a boat. You can get to deeper, cooler waters at the center of the lake.


If you want to catch crappie near the surface, night fishing is your option. Like our other gilled friends above, crappie head for cooler waters. During the evening, they are right in the shallows for your fishing delight. Murky water? Use brightly colored jigs.

Keep these tips in mind when you head out for your next day out on the water.  Happy fishing!

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