How to Protect Your Pond

Has your pond ever been subject to predators in the night? Shoot, predators during the day even. If you have, and you are wondering what you can do to protect your koi and other prized pond dwellers, this post is for you. Even if you live in an urban(ish) area, your backyard is likely subject to raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, possum, and even foxes. If you live in a non-urban area, your predator number increases. We’ll go through a few tips to keep your fish friends safe from the crafty varmints that want to eat them.

1.Make it hard for those pesky critters

If you have a shallow, easy to infiltrate pond, chances are it’s going to be infiltrated. Have you seen those videos of raccoons walking on their hind legs to literally snatch food away from cats’ dishes and running away like a human? Yeah, that happens. So, in order to try and outsmart some very smart animals, consider building your pond with nooks and crannies your fish can escape to. Consider putting plants and planters about a foot to foot and a half above your pond.

2. Keep an eye on your pond

Build it within sight of a window. If some predators, like heron, get a free reign on your pond, it could mean the end of your fish population within a matter of hours.

3.Put up some barriers when you can’t keep an eye out

Use nets! You can put a net over your pond at night. Use alarms! They can emit noises and flash lights to scare animals away. Use electric fences around your pond if need be.


You don’t have to experience the pond loss that you read about. With some easy enough tricks like checking on your pond periodically to using floating vegetation to offer your fish some cover, predator proof your pond today easily!Make sure to read our chainsaw reviews too.

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