Best Koi for your Water Garden

​​​​​​​Nishikigoi fish, also known as koi, can decorate any aquatic display. Koi are ornamental in nature and can turn any water garden into a spectacle with a kaleidoscopic display. Japanese fish farmers bred koi in the mid-19th Century, and annual expositions in Tokyo would eventually make keeping koi a hobby that spread across Japan to the rest of the globe in the 20th Century.

Koi are hearty fish who require little effort to to keep up. They are resistant to a number of parasites and do not require much feeding during cold months. Regular feeding during warm seasons and clean water to swim in will keep koi happy. Here are a few of the best koi for your water garden:

Taisho Sanke

Also referred to as simply, “Sanke”, this koi is known for its black and red markings. These koi will inject a bit of elegance into your water garden.


Tancho koi are best known for the red dot directly above their eyes. The Tancho is a beloved koi in Japan as it closely resembles the national flag. Tancho are difficult to breed but widely available in the market.


The Bekko koi is a part of the Sanke family and known for its ink blot like patterns. Bekko are considered highly “fashionable” for their tortoise shell resemblance.


Kinginrin koi are known for their sparkly gold and silver scales. Kinginrin are show stopping spectacles for any water garden.

Sweeney Feeders’ Water Garden fish feeders will provide quality feedings to your many different koi. The Koi Cafe is equipped with an automatic digital timer and can feed up to 8 times a day. ​

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