Controlling Algae in Your Pond

A clean pond keeps koi happy. Plenty of food, proper lighting and clean water are all the
ingredients you need for to keep your koi lively. Maintaining a clean pond is easier than it
sounds. Unpredictable weather, warm temperatures and longer periods of daylight can all
lead to strong algae blooms. Too much algae in your pond can cloud your water and soak up
the oxygen your koi need to thrive.

Algae thrive on nutrients and sunlight. If you can control the amount of direct sunlight and
nutrients your pond receives, then you can beat the algae. Here are a few tips to help you
keep your pond algae free:

Controlling Nutrients

Algae are living, breathing organisms that feed on a nutrients, and your pond can be a great
feeding ground for the unicellular organism. Reducing the volume of nutrients that make their
way into your pond can diminish the chance for algal booms.

Rainwater and koi feeder are packed with nutrients and can drive algal blooms. Direct your
gutters and spouts in directions away from your pond so to reduce the amount of rainwater
that makes its way into your pond. Use the least amount food needed to satisfy your koi, so
that all the food is consumed in one feeding. Leftover food can rot and leave behind nutrients
that fuel unwanted algal blooms.


Filters play an important role in keeping your pond clean and protecting it from algal blooms.
Frequently clean your filter and remove debris. Doing so promotes the growth of nutrient
feeding bacteria that feed on nutrients left behind by debris and koi waste.
Filters left unattended leave behind rotting debris and koi waste that decay, enabling algal

Managing Sunlight

You can’t control sunlight, but you can decide where to build your pond. Water gardens need
more light than koi ponds, at least 6 hours a day. Study the how many hour of sunlight your
yard or land receives per day and where the light lands.

Plan to build your pond in shadowed areas. Also, use floating plants like lily pads to block
sunlight entering your pond. Decreasing sunlight in your pond is good for your koi who can be
sunburned by too much exposure and hinders algal growth.

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