Why You Should Start Deer Scouting

While many hunters spend the Spring turkey hunting and fishing, others are already starting to prepare for the next deer hunting season. To get the most out of a deer hunting season and become a pro hunter, spring scouting is essential. By successfully scouting in the spring, you will be able to discover where the deer live, when they are most active, as well as get a head start on setting up your stands.

Discovering Where the Deer Are

Scouting in the spring gives you the ability to walk and explore in all areas, without the chance of scaring any deer away for the season. The deer will have forgotten about your visits by the time the season approaches, which means you can walk right into deer feeding and bedding areas without worry. Until the woods begins to green up for the summer, last fall’s deer markings will still be visible. If you find several rubs in a small vicinity that may be a bedding area, since deer tend to rub a few trees when they rise. Then their sanctuaries are usually found in a smaller than acre area with many rubs. Finding these places will show you where the deer spend most of their time.

How Deer Use the Land

Since deer tend to follow the same terrain patterns for many years, the signs that are visible in the spring can be used to figure out how the deer use that terrain. How the signs are laid out will provide you with the information to discover what routes they take to and from their bedding areas. You can also find out where they may go when their food supply is depleted or hunters cause them to move. Learning the travel patterns of the deer will provide you with the best knowledge of where the best spots are to set up your stands.

Set Up Your Stands

After discovering where the deer are and how they use the land, it is time to set up your stands. Setting up your stands early gives you the ability to prep for fall without worrying about scaring the deer away. You also have enough time to setup a stand for every situation and make sure each one is perfect. After your stands are setup, you can also trim shooting lanes and determine entry and exit routes to your destinations.

Knowing where the deer are, their habits, and already having stands set up, will give you access to the best deer come hunting season and a great advantage over other hunters.

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