Benefits of Solar Power

Flexibility, strategy and precision define superior sportsmanship. A good huntsman can adapt his strategy to his surroundings, wasting little and making the best use of available resources. Solar technology makes the sun a valued resource in the field. With solar power, users become less dependent on access to the grid and are able to prolong field activities. Here are a few ways solar power can make you a better sportsman.

Increased Range

Some of the best hunting grounds can be in the most remote places. Getting to a good spot may require travel by automobile and ATV. Solar powered batteries can charge on the move, allowing for more time to be spent preparing for the engagement and less charging numerous batteries.

Smart Tech in the Field

Solar power brings smart technology into the field. Smart devices are no longer limited by access to the grid. With the use of solar generators, analog basecamps become hubs for information while out in the field. Users can power satellite and cellular network devices to keep a steady stream of information like group movements and weather coming into camp.

Automatic Feeders

With solar power, automatic feeders become more precise and less tedious to manage in the field. Where manual and battery powered feeders bring  aggravation with limited options for power sourcing and frequent
jamming, solar powered feeders address both power and automation issues.

Sweeney Feeders are the most durable and reliable in the industry. The scatter motor is mounted inside the hopper to protect it  from the environment, each feeder comes with a pre-wired solar panel

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