Pond & Lake Fish Feeders

We built the first directional Pond & Lake Feeder over 30 years ago.  It is still the best on the market!

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America's best selection of quality Pond & Lake Fish Feeders

An automatic fish feeder helps maintain your fish population with automated feedings that consistently dispense the proper amount of feed. Sweeney’s automatic lake & pond fish feeders save you money and keep your underwater population stable all year long. Help your fish grow and be more healthy with our automatic pond feeder.

The Best Pond & Lake Fish Feeders manufacturer in the World

With fish feeders, your fish will have the chance to benefit from several small meals throughout the day and have a good aquatic environment.

Our Automatic Fish Feeders for Ponds are ideal for feeding wildlife too.

Sweeney’s directional fish feeders make excellent deer and wildlife feeders as well.  They broadcast the feed up to 40 feet directly in front of the feeder.  Low to the ground and easy to fill!