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How to Use Fish Feeders to Catch Big Fish This Summer

Having big fish in your ponds and lakes, even more than you do now, is possible.  The way to do it is with a good supplemental fish feeding program.  Feeding fish not only benefits the ones directly fed, but the entire food chain, thus bolstering your animals from phytoplankton to your top and big ...
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Top 5 Fish to Catch this Summer

Summer time, and the living’s easy…if you are not a fish. It’s hot out there this summer, and the fish are feeling it! When summer rolls around, fish need to adjust to new water temperatures, and they do this by adjusting, the same way people do. We crank on the A/C, head indoors, get sluggish ...
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What Makes Sweeney Feeders the Best

Here at Sweeney Feeders we pride ourselves for our top-quality products and services. But what makes Sweeney Feeders the best? Let's get a closer look at why Sweeney Feeders provides the most reliable and durable deer & wildlife feeders.There's nothing more discouraging to a hunter or farmer tha ...
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Koi Fish Ponds: Spring Cleaning

Having a koi fish pond is a great way to add a decorative touch to any yard. In order to keep up the appearance of the pond and keep the fish healthy, you must maintain the koi pond.  Here are some simple pointers to make sure you keeping up with your pond:Construct the pond correctly: Choo ...
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Quick Guide to Sweeney Feeders’ 2014 Annual Sale

Sweeney Feeders is holding their annual sale and every month we'll be offering big discounts on our premium animal feeders. Earlier in the year we had our Directional Feeders on sale and for April we've got our Scatter Feeders on sale. April has just become the perfect time to invest in a fish feede ...
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5 Interesting Facts About Koi Fish

If you're thinking of adding a garden pond to your yard at home, adding some ornamental fish to your pond can make your backyard stand out form the rest of the neighborhood. Koi fish make one of the best pond fish to care for and make one of the best garden fish, adding a tranquil vibe to your home. ...
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Finding the Perfect Timer

If you've already made the leap to invest in a fish feeder, you know how much work it can be to keep the fish eating around your feed. Purchasing a timer can make this experience easier and more enjoyable. To make the process as easy as possible, the perfect timer should have a simple design and eas ...
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Solar Charging Your Feeders

Automatic animal feeders are a great solution to caring for wildlife, while saving time, money and effort in the process. But let's take that a step further and add a solar-charged battery on that feeder to eliminate another chunk time and effort when caring for animals. Solar chargers are not only ...
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What You Should Know About Fish Feeders

Automatic fish feeders are an excellent solution for bolstering the fish population in your lake or pond. However, fish feeders should not be used without some careful consideration. In each of the tips below, it is wise for you to think about how a fish feeder is going to impact the environment in ...
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