Best Pond Feeder Accessories by Sweeney

Best Pond Feeder Accessories by Sweeney

Having the best pond feeder in your garden is a great way to maintain happy fish, impress guests, and spend some quality time fishing. When you buy a feeder, it’s important to make sure you also have all of the right accessories. If you already own a fish feeder with all the essential accessories, check out our article on choosing the right feed for lake fish.

Sweeney Pond Feeder Solar Charger

The Sweeney solar charger can keep your feeder working like a well oiled machine. This means that you’ll rarely have to take it out to replace its batteries, since it’s 100% self-sufficient. Our solar charger is the perfect choice for pond owners who want to place their directional pond feeder in the middle of a lake or in other hard-to-access places.

Sweeney’s 2 Watt solar charger is the perfect choice for any of our directional pond feeders, maximizing battery life and ensuring your small pond feeder works perfectly. This solar charger weighs in at about 2 lbs and is available in either green or  a galvanized finish.

Sweeney Fish Feeder Timer

If you’re in the market for a feeder timer replacement, then Sweeney’s fish feeder timer is an excellent choice. This digital timer ensures that your fish will get up to 25 meals a day, with precision timing. Our premium timer for directional pond feeders features a straightforward design and easy to use controls.

The duration of each feeding session, as well as the motor speed can be customized to ensure that your directional fish feeder covers as much area as possible. Apart from that, this premium digital feeder timer features a battery level indicator and is able to save all of your settings even if it runs out of power.

Sweeney’s 12v Feeder Battery

Sweeney’s 12v feeder battery gives you years of service when properly cared for. It’s recommended to use a 1 amp/hr trickle charger or smaller batteries so that they remain in perfect condition. If you use this battery combined with a solar charger, then you don’t need to worry about it for three to four years.

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