5 Interesting Facts About Koi Fish

If you’re thinking of adding a garden pond to your yard at home, adding some ornamental fish to your pond can make your backyard stand out form the rest of the neighborhood. Koi fish make one of the best pond fish to care for and make one of the best garden fish, adding a tranquil vibe to your home. Koi fish are beautiful, interesting fish with a rich history. Let’s take a look at some fascinating facts about koi fish, before you start stocking up on them in your koi pond.

5 Interesting Facts About Koi Fish

1. Koi fish originate from Japan and represent love and friendship in Japanese culture.

2. Most koi fish outlive their owners, having a lifespan of 200+ years.

3. They come in a variety of colors, not just orange. They may appear orange, yellow, white, red and black.

4. Owners who received their koi fish as a gift are believed to have good luck.

5. In Japan, koi fish are often passed down from generation to generation, as a family heirloom.

Quick Tip on Feeding Your Koi Fish

These are just some of the lesser known facts about koi fish. Koi are marvelous fish with vibrant symbolism and color. Be sure to plan for you koi fish as they are sensitive and have long lifespans. Koi fish also vary in size. When feeding your koi, you must realize that koi have no stomach, instead have pure gut. In warmer water, koi will digest their food in about 4 hours. To reach maximum growth, they should be fed what they will eat at 4 hour intervals, having an automatic koi feeder could easily help you care for you koi.

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