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Deer Scouting: Are You Doing It Right?

Pre-season preparation is key to a successful hunting season and why wait in anticipation when you get your hands dirty and increase your chance of a snagging winning buck.  One essential pre-season trick, is to deer scout. Deer scouting can help get a good feel of the hunting grounds and where dee ...
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Sweeney Feeders September Sale!

It’s the time of year we all wait for and dream about. That’s right, hunting season!  And even better yet, we're having a sale on our deer feeders and accessories right on time for the start of hunting season, including deer hunting! We have slashed prices on our 100lb. and 300lb. scatter feede ...
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7 Tips to a Great Deer Hunting Season

We know you like to plan ahead to be ready for the big hunting season – DEER SEASON, so you are already thinking about this year’s deer season and how to make it the best one ever.  Just in case you aren’t quite there yet, we’ve compiled a few tips to get you started in the right direction. ...
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5 Essential Pre-Season Hunting Tips

Any seasoned hunter can tell you that pre-season preparation can make all the difference when deer hunting. Even though it's not hunting season yet, doesn't mean you can't take some important measures to make your hunting season is the most successful. The summer months are ideal times to prepare fo ...
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Quick Guide to Sweeney Feeders’ 2014 Annual Sale

Sweeney Feeders is holding their annual sale and every month we'll be offering big discounts on our premium animal feeders. Earlier in the year we had our Directional Feeders on sale and for April we've got our Scatter Feeders on sale. April has just become the perfect time to invest in a fish feede ...
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Best States for Whitetail Deer Hunting

Traveling across the country to the best hunting spots can be an exciting adventure, so we put together a list of the best states you should think about visiting.Iowa is one of the first states that come to mind when thinking about hunting. From 1830 to 2001, the state ranked number one for Boone an ...
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Importance of Spring Deer Feeding

Spring may be the most important season for deer feeding. As winter comes to an end, breeding season also ceases. With the warmer weather, deer begin to shed their antlers and within a month, they'll start to grow another pair. During this antler growth period, deer's antlers grow at a rate of half ...
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Deer Feeders vs. Deer Attractants

As any seasoned outdoors man knows, luring deer to hunting grounds is similar to romantic courtship. Deer are attracted to scents and tastes, and you woo them to your stand by offering the right treats. The question that every hunter must decide is how to draw their trophy-winning deer to the stand. ...
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