Deer active in bedding area

When Are Deer Most Active?

Sunrise and sunset are generally known as golden hours for hunters. This is because during this time of day, deer are most active. If you are not much into hunting but prefer viewing these majestic animals, it’s the best time to do it as well – not to mention that sunrises and sunsets provide you Continue Reading →

Mule Deer Buck

World’s Largest Deer

Many species of animals have antlers or horns but not all of them qualify as “deer”. Antelopes are similar to deer in the sense that it has antlers but it’s an entirely different family of species. So what is a deer and what is the world’s largest deer? A deer is a member of the Continue Reading →

how to get deer to come to your feeder

How to get deer to come to your feeder

While some property owners try their hardest to repel deer from their garden or yard because of the trouble they sometimes cause, others want to encourage deer to visit their property for viewing or hunting purposes. One of the best ways to attract deer to your property is through the use of deer feeders. This Continue Reading →