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Tips for Hunting Deer in the Rain

When rain drops are hitting the roof, most hunters ignore the alarm and roll over. A warm bed is more comforting than a cold, wet woods. However, those hunters may be missing out on one of the best hunts of the season. Let’s face it, most of us have fewer days than we would like to hunt. Why give ...
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Hunting Bucks Over Bait is Not as Easy as it Seems

Hunting over a pile of corn is the strip-club bachelor party of deer hunting tactics. Almost every guy will do it if given the opportunity (and it is legal in many whitetail powerhouse states like Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Ohio), but it’s not exactly something you brag about. And of course the ...
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Tips and Tricks for Hunting Black-Tail Deer

Black-tailed deer make phantoms seem positively obvious. These rainy forest wraiths are cousins of mule deer, but nothing except their forked antlers resemble their open-country kin. Blacktails crave tangles of grown-over hemlock and cedar and foggy ridges of old-growth fir. The Pacific Northwest’ ...
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