Deer Scouting: Are You Doing It Right?

Deer Scouting: Are You Doing It Right? | A shortlist of deer scouting tips

Deer scouting can help get a good feel of the hunting grounds and where deer are naturally gathering. We’ve compiled a shortlist of deer scouting tips to help this hunting season start off with a bang.

Pre-season preparation is key to a successful hunting season and why wait in anticipation when you get your hands dirty and increase your chance of a snagging winning buck. One essential pre-season trick is to deer scout.

Deer Scouting Tips You Need To Read

1. Personal Scouting

Scout Early

Scouting early gives you a chance to explore the area up close and personal. You can find the natural feed areas, rub spots, sanctuary areas, and get to know the land.  Stay on the look-out for areas where you find multiple large rub spots from previous seasons, these areas are ideal for hanging trail cameras.

2. Deer Scouting in Areas with Crops

Know Where the Acorns Are

Deer love acorns, particularly White Oak acorns, so knowing where the acorns are can lead you to where the deer will be.  Scouting deer involves scouting White Oak, so make sure you do this early in the pre-season! You can drive around and use binoculars to identify which areas deer are coming and going. When crops surround the area, make sure to take note of where they are as all animals will follow food.

3. Digital Scouting

Deer Scouting in Forest Areas

Trail cams are your best bet for scouting deer.  To attract deer to where you’ve set up a trail camera, be sure to set up scatter feeders in order to draw in deer to these areas. Having a complete set up in these areas will ensure that deer are returning to this area during hunting season.

Scout Hunting Land Using Google Earth

Whether scouting public lands or you are looking to buy, make sure it’s secluded – the less people around the better.  You should choose plots with few people, rough terrain, few secret orchards, food plots, or natural feed areas. Once you think you’ve found a winner, zoom out in Google Earth to check out the surrounding areas.  You should be looking for timber and cover that funnel into the area you’ve chosen. Make sure the land you are scouting is open to hunting and remain updated on state laws and regulations.

Deer scouting early can be a rewarding endeavor if you do it right

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