How do Trail Cameras Work?

How do trail cameras work?

Trail cameras are becoming more and more popular among hunters and property owners lucky enough to have a deer herd or two on their land. For hunters, trail cameras are a huge game changer, but this begs the question – how do trail cameras work?

Trail cameras are specifically designed outdoor cameras that can be left unattended to take either photographs or video footage at regular intervals or whenever an animal steps within its field of view. These cameras are mostly used by hunters as a tool for game surveillance and gathering information on deer herds.

One of the biggest advantages of trail cameras is that they allow you to easily see how many bucks you have in any given area. You can also use multiple trail cameras to track the largest bucks on your property before going in the woods to take a closer look.

With this extra bit of information you can ensure that every hunting trip is a success. The best thing about trail cameras is that you don’t even have to step foot in the woods to track your deer – you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

How do Wireless Trail Cameras Work?

Wireless trail cameras work much like a security camera that’s connected to an app on a smartphone. Images and video are collected from a distance, allowing hunters to gather information on deer activity and movement.

The only downside is that since a WIFI signal is used to relay the images and video, you can’t stray away too far from the signal otherwise you’ll lose connection. You will have to be in close proximity to your camera’s modem to receive the images.     

How do Cellular Trail Cameras Work?

Cellular trail cameras work by capturing images and transmitting them to a server through 4G and 5G cellular systems. The images and videos are then uploaded directly into your account. These types of cameras are an excellent choice for areas with good cell reception.  

How do Infrared Trail Cameras Work?

These cameras work by constantly measuring the temperature in front of the device. Whenever a change is detected, the sensor triggers the camera, allowing it to take pictures and video. Infrared works perfectly both during the day as well as at night, in all weather conditions.

How to Find Trail Cameras in the Woods?

Most trail cameras use infrared, which can be detected easily by most cell phone cameras. If you want to find trail cameras in the woods, your best bet is to take out your cell phone camera after dark and look for the infrared light.  

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