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Sweeney Feeders Annual Pre-Season Sale!

Discounts on All Scatter Feeders and Accessories Now!It’s the time of year we all wait for and dream about and plan on. That’s right, not hunting season, sale season!  And do we have the sale for you right in time for the start of many major hunting season, including DEER SEASON!  Take a break ...
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Deer Scouting: Are You Doing It Right?

Pre-season preparation is key to a successful hunting season and why wait in anticipation when you get your hands dirty and increase your chance of a snagging winning buck.  One essential pre-season trick, is to deer scout. Deer scouting can help get a good feel of the hunting grounds and where dee ...
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Sweeney Feeders September Sale!

It’s the time of year we all wait for and dream about. That’s right, hunting season!  And even better yet, we're having a sale on our deer feeders and accessories right on time for the start of hunting season, including deer hunting! We have slashed prices on our 100lb. and 300lb. scatter feede ...
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