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How to Use Fish Feeders to Catch Big Fish This Summer

Having big fish in your ponds and lakes, even more than you do now, is possible.  The way to do it is with a good supplemental fish feeding program.  Feeding fish not only benefits the ones directly fed, but the entire food chain, thus bolstering your animals from phytoplankton to your top and big ...
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What You Should Know About Fish Feeders

Automatic fish feeders are an excellent solution for bolstering the fish population in your lake or pond. However, fish feeders should not be used without some careful consideration. In each of the tips below, it is wise for you to think about how a fish feeder is going to impact the environment in ...
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Choosing the Right Feed for Lake Fish

The pond or lake on your property is your pride and joy and gives you, your friends and family hours of pleasure year round. This includes the fish. They could be bluegill, catfish, bass, trout or even minnows, but whatever species they are you want them to be as happy and healthy in your lake as po ...
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