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If you’ve been doing some independent research about the benefits of feeding your pond fish, you may have come to find that it’s quite a fishy subject, and even experts are torn on the issue!  The primary issue is whether pond fish should be fed unnaturally.  But if you are interested in suppl ...
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Quick Guide to Sweeney Feeders’ 2014 Annual Sale

Sweeney Feeders is holding their annual sale and every month we'll be offering big discounts on our premium animal feeders. Earlier in the year we had our Directional Feeders on sale and for April we've got our Scatter Feeders on sale. April has just become the perfect time to invest in a fish feede ...
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How Do Lake Fish Feeders Work?

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy fish population in any lake is the system that is used to distribute food. Food must be given to the fish present in consistent amounts over regular intervals of time in order to promote the healthiest growth and establish the most balanced ...
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