The Best Fish Feeders for Ponds and Lakes

Best Fish Feeders for Ponds and Lakes

Put simply, fish feeders for ponds and lakes provide your fish with supplemental food resources. Striped Bass, Catfish and Bluegills are usually the top choices for pond owners who opt for accelerated growth using floating fish food. These feeders are also valuable tools that assist pond owners by distributing an exact amount of feed at a specific time. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of automatic fish feeders.

Automatic Fish Feeders for Ponds and Lakes

Your optimal fish feeder type, quantity and location depends heavily on the size of your pond and the specific fish species you want to feed. Automatic fish feeders free you from the chore of feeding your fish on a daily basis and it also distributes the same amount of feed every time. Depending on the volume of your fish feeder and the number of meals per day, the feeder may need to be refilled on a monthly or weekly basis.

Floating Fish Feeder
A floating fish feeder is typically designed for ponds with fluctuating water levels – the floating fish feeder will go up and down as necessary. These feeders usually hold up to 100 lbs of fish food, which can last a month, depending on the number of meals served daily. Refilling these types of feeders is somewhat difficult, as a boat is usually needed.

Directional Fish Feeder
A directional fish feeder is stationary and, as such, can be placed anywhere along the bank of your pond. Directional fish feeders are the ideal choice for any size of pond and any type of fish. Your average directional fish feeder can hold between 50 to 100 lbs of food but if you want to opt for a larger fish feeder, Sweeney’s 425 lbs Directional Feeder is the way to go. This model can throw feed upward of forty feet from the bank. These types of fish feeders are not recommended for ponds with fluctuating water levels, because this can lead to several issues down the road.

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